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Hey, I'm Sebastian

Full-Stack Developer

I graduated with a bachelor in Systems Science from Örebro University in february of 2024. I currently manage and help develop the IT systems of a small company in Örebro that delivers powerful solutions for clients that need help managing their physical keys. While I do both back- and front-end development I surely prefer the front-end parts. Quick note: I pieced this website together from several different tutorials and I will revamp it once I get the time and energy to. I thought it looked cool when I made it ;)


I used Angular while working as an intern.


Almost everything I've done so far involves HTML.


Most of my web apps involved some JavaScript.


I worked with .NET alongside Angular for the Back-End.


I used C# as a student but also in .NET as an intern.


I've used MySQL for storage in my .NET apps.

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